John Fernström - Compositions

Orchestral Music

2Four Initmate Miniatures - Suite for string orchestraearly 1920s. string orchestra 
4Symphony no. 1 - In Memoriamearly 1920s  
5Violin Concerto no. 1 - B Majorc:a 1925  
10Sympnony no. 21925  
12Variations, Passacaglia and Fugue on a theme by Percy Buckc:a 1930  
13Scanian Rhapsody1929, rev. 1937  
15Symphony no. 3 - Exoticalate 1920s  
16bPastoral - for orchestra1928 orchestra 
17Symphonic Variations1930 orchestra 
20Symphony no. 41930  
21The capricious troubadour - Serenade for chamber orchestra1931  
24aFragments - pictures from a film1931-34 orchestra 
25bOuverture to the opera Echnaton1931  
27Symphony no. 51934  
30Clarinet Concerto1936  
31cChaconne, g-minor for cello and orchestra1937 vlc, orch. 
34Viola Concerto - with orchestra1937 viola, orchestra 
40Symphony no. 61938-39  
42Prélude solennel - for string orchestra1938 string orchestra 
43Rao-nai-nai's Songs - A Chinese Rhapsody1939  
49Cello Concereto1940 violoncello, orchestra 
51Sympnony no. 7 - Sinfonietta in forma di sonata da chiesa1941  
52Concereto for Flute - with small orchestra and women's choir1937-42 flute, women's choir and small orch. 
56Symphony no. 8 - Amore studiorum1952  
58bSuite from The Wedding of the Isis Sisters1944-48  
60Symphony no. 9 - Sinfonia breve1943  
65Symphony no. 10 - Symphonie discrète1944  
70bSuite from A Midsummernight's Dream1944  
71bSuite from Around the World in 80 Days1944  
74Pan plays - Recital with orchestra1945 narrator, orch. 
77Symphony no. ll - Without Mask. Mixed chorus and orchestra1945 chorus, orchestra 
80Basoon Concerto1946  
86bSuite no. 1 from The Merchant in Venice1948  
86cSuite no. 2 from The Merchant in Venice1948  
87bSuite from Ni-Si-Pleng1949  
88Symphonic Prologue - Full orchestra1949  
92Symphony no. 12195l  
94Ostinato for string orchestra1952  
95Violin Concerto no. 21952  
96Festival Music - dedicated to the Academic Society in Lund1953  

Chamber Music

6String Quartet no. l1920  
9String Quartet no. 2 - g minor1925-28  
11Piano Sonatalate 1920s piano 
14Sonata for Violoncello and Piano1925-28 violoncello, piano 
19Sonata for Violin and Violoncello1930  
23String Quartet no. 31931  
31aChaconne g-minor for cello and organ1936 violoncello, organ 
31bChaconne, g-minor for cello and piano1936 violoncello, piano 
35Prelude and Fugue, A-major, for Organ1937 organ 
37A Small Suite for piano1937 Piano 
41Sonata da chiesa - for violin and organ1938 Violin, Organ 
45aSonatin for two violins1940  
45bSonatin for two violins1940  
53Suite for Violoncello and Piano1942 cello, piano 
54String Quartet no. 4 - E flat major1942  
59Wind Quintet1943 flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon 
73A Small Serenade in four Movements - for flute, clarinet, bassoon and cello1945 fl, cl, bn, vlc 
81aString Quartet no. 51946  
81bString Quartet no. 6 - in the seventh gipsy mode on g1946  
82aFour traditional tunes - for String quartet1946 string quartet 
89Sonatin no. 3 - For two violins1950  
90Trio - For Violin, Viola and Violoncello1950  
91String Quartet no. 71950  
93String Quartet no. 8 - in dorian minor1952  


1De mortuis - Four Songs to pianoearly 1920s lv, pf 
3Exotic bouquet - Three Songs for Tenor with piano or orchestra1917-18 lv, pf; also orchestrated versions 
18Two songs - for voice, obl. Violocello or violin1930 lv, pf,obl.vic or vl 
29A Bird's Song1932-36  Colorature soprano and piano or orchestra 
36Two songs - with piano1937 lv, pf 
39Three poems - duets1938 bar, mezzos., piano 
44Two Songs1939 Base voice and Piano. No. 2 also in orch. Version 
46Four Songs - With piano1940 lv, pf; no. 4 and 8 also in orch.versions 
50Nine Songs - Poems by Nils Ferlin and Py Sörman1941 lv,pf; no. 4, 5 and 8 also in orch. vers. 
55Four Songs - Texts by Gabriel Jönsson1942 lv, pf 
62Songs of the Sea - Suite for colorature soprano and string quintet or - orchestra1942 colorature soprano, string quartet or orch. 
63Six Songs1944 lv, pf. no.2-5 also in orch.-vers.  
64Two Songs1944 sv, pf 
78Five Songs - for single voice and piano1946 lv, pf - no. 3 and 4 also in orch.-vers. 
84Five Songs - Poems by Elof Åkesson1947 lv, pf 
98The Song of Love - One voice and organ/piano1953 lv, pf 


7Manhem - Male chorus w. sololate 1920s. bar.solo, TTBB, orch. 
16aA Chrismas Hymnc:a 1930 tenor solo, SATB, orch. 
22Cantata - at inauguration of organ and altarpiece in the Gustav Adolf church in Helsingborg1931 soli SATB, organ 
24b The Songsbefore 1934 Male chorus a capella 
26Mass, c minor1934 SATB, soli, mixed choir, orch. 
28Two songs for male choirbefore 1936  
32The Ballad of Mathilda Magnet1936 male choir; also in a ver. for women's choir 
33aThree songs for male choir - from The Flying Inn1936  
33bStabat mater - Two solo voices, mixed chorus and string orchestra1936 ST soli, chorus, str. orch. 
47Six Songs for male choir1941 male choir 
48Seven Songs for male choir1940-42 male choir 
57The Unforfeitable Treasure - Cantata for choruses with barython solo1942 cantata f. bar.-solo, chorus and orch. 
61Cantata - For the jubilee of the Social-democrats Youth-circle 19421942 narrator, chorus, orch. 
66Requiem for the drowned1944 ST soli, women's choir, str.orch., pf 
67Thus the poets sang to us - Cantata1945 B solo, male choir, orch. 
68Engelbrekt - Cantata for tenor, male chorus and orchestra1944 T solo, male choir, orch. 
69Have you heard the silence speak - a Song to Sweden. For tenor, male chorus and orchestra1944 T solo, male choir, orch. 
72Cantata - at the 25 years anniversary of the Workers' Education Union in Helsingborg1945  
76Cantata - For the Jubilee 1945 of the People's Park in Malmö1945 3 soli, male choir, orch. 
79Five Songs for male choir1946  
82dA Light Red Flower - Mixed chorus a capella1946 mixed choir a cappella 
85The Toilsome Way - a secular oratorio1947 bariton solo, narrator, male choir, orch. 
97Three Choral Songs - For mixed chorus a cappella1955  

Incidental Music

25aEchnaton - Opera in three acts1930-1940 Soli, SATB, womens choir, orchestra 
58aThe Wedding of the Isis' Sisters - A lyrical episode in one act (three tableaux).1943 Soli,chorus,orch. 
70aSupplementary music to A Midsummernight's Dream1944  
71aAround the World in 80 Days1944 soli,chorus, orchestra 
75Enchanted glasses - Music to a fairy-tale1945  
82bNiels Ebbesen1946 solo, chorus, 3 vl, va 
82cHamlet1946 ob, cl, 2tr, 2trb, tu, 2perc 
83La vida es un sueno - Opera in three acts1947  
86aThe Merchant in Venice1948  
87aNi-Si-Pleng - Ballet in three tableaux1948  

Compositions without Opus Number

Berceuseunknownvl, vl obl, vlc, pf Chamber Music 
Chanson russe. - Hommage à TschaykovskyunknownViolin and piano Chamber Music 
Crime passionelleunknownPiano Chamber Music 
It was rough and ruttyunknownmale choir Choral music 
Dolce far nienteunknownMixed choir a cappella Choral music 
Dorian Romance for cello and pianounknownVioloncello and Piano Chamber Music 
A well known tune in several variants - (Twinkle, twinkle little star)1934 Orchestral music 
Fanfares - Inauguration of Malmö Stadsteater1944 Orchestral music 
A Festival Polonaisebefore 1941 Orchestral music 
A Festival Prelude1932string orchestra Orchestral music 
Cantata - For the 20th Anniversary of the Swedish Union of Shop Assistants1946S solo, male choir, women's choir, mixed choir Choral music 
Cantataunknownsoli, narrator, chorus Choral music 
Cantata - For the 25th Anniversary of the Mercur's club of the Shop Assistants Unionunknown Choral music 
Cantata - For the 20th Anniversary of the Cooperativa Club in Malmö1946-47T solo, male chorus, pf. Choral music 
Corporal Tin Soldier - A children's balletunknown Incidental music 
Marits regglaunknownlv, pf Songs 
Minuet for cello and pianounknownVioloncello and Piano Chamber Music 
Towards the future - Cantataunknownsolo, mixed chorus, 2 cl, 2hn, 2 tr, str. Choral music 
O heart, heart, why do you sigh?unknownlv, pf Songs 
Romance, c sharp mino for violin and pianounknown Chamber Music 
Romance, c sharp minor - for viola and orchestraunknownva, orch. Orchestral music 
Romance, e-minor, for Violin and Piano1937 Chamber Music 
Rondounknownvl, vlc, pf Chamber Music 
The Taming of a Schrewunknown Incidental music 
Sailor on landunknownmixed chorus Choral music 
The actors enterunknown Incidental music 
Theme and six variations for Pianounknown Chamber Music 
Three studies in G-major for flute, clarinet and stringsunknown Chamber Music 
Three Little Piano Piecesunknown Chamber Music 
Two Short Fuguesbefore Sept. 1933 Orchestral music 
Sonatin for two violinsbefore 1939 Chamber Music 

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