John Fernström

Commercially available recordings (CD)

String Quartets 5, Opus 81, and 8, Opus 93.
Big Ben Phonogram Ltd., England
Recorded March 1985
Also contains String Quartet No. 1 by Hans Söderberg.
Symphony No. 12.
Malmö Symphony Orchestra. Conductor: Vernon Handley.
Big Ben Phonogram Ltd., England
Recorded August 1987
Also contains Biblical Songs by Antonin Dvorak.
String Quartet No. 6.
Caprice. Collector's Classics series. The record has the title Äldre svenska stråkkvartetter Recorded December 1956. Released 1991.
Also contains miscalleneous string quartets and quintets by: Franz Berwald (Skånekvartetten), Hilding Hallnäs (Göteborgskvartetten), Giuseppe Becce (Gallikvintetten), Olof Johnsson, Per Andersson, Tor Aulin, Louis-Toussaint Milandre (Kjellströmkvartetten) and Joseph Haydn (Föllinger-Hedbergkvartetten). CAP21505
Bassoon Concerto.
Göteborg Symphony Orchesta conducted by Thord Svedlund. Solo: Anders Engström.
Intim Musik (Box 238, S-443 25 Lerum, Sweden, email:, Web: The record has the title Swedish Bassoon Concertos.
Recorded in January 1992.
Also contains bassoon concertos by: Franz Berwald, Edward Brendler and Bernhard Henrik Crusell.
Wind Quintet, Op. 59.
Oslo Wind Ensemble.
Naxos 1994. Recorded in Oslo, September 1993. Also contains wind quintets by: Johan Kvandal and Carl Nielsen.
Without a mask ("Utan mask"). John Fernström conducts his symphonies no. 11 and 12.
Lunds City Orchestra 1960, Nordic Youth Orchestra 1954.
db Productions, Box 60 252, 216 09 Malmö.
Released December 1997.
String Quartets No. 3, 6 & 8.
Vlachkvartetten Prag.
Naxos 1997. Recorded in Prag in March 1997. 8.554285S
Symphonic Prologue, Symphony No. 6 & Intimate Miniatures for string orchestra.
Malmö Symphony Orchestra (1 & 2), conductor Cecilia Rydinger Alin 1997, Musica Vitae (3), conductor Wojciech Rajski, 1990.
BIS Grammofon AB, 1997. BIS-CD-903. (3) is also available on an earlier release: BIS-CD-461, 1990.
Songs of the Sea, Symphony No. 12, Rao-Nai-Nai's Songs.
Malmö Symphony Orchestra, conductor Lan Shui. Song solist: Miah Persson.
BIS Grammofon AB, 1999. BIS-CD-997.
Symphony No. 6, Concertino Op. 52 for flute, The Capricious Troubadour.
Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra. Conductors Mikko Franck (1 & 2), Stefan Solyom (3).
Phono Suecia, 1999. PSCD 706. Swedish Music Information Centre
String Quartets No. 4, 6, 7 & 8.
Lysell Quartet.
Daphne Records, 1999. DAPHNE 1009.
Wind Quintet, Op. 59.
The Amadé Quintet.
Record title: Swedish Quintets. Also contains quintets by Sigurd von Koch and Edvin Kallstenius. Musica Sveciae, 2000. PSCD 708 Swedish Music Information Centre
Clarinet Concerto Op. 30
Scandinavian Chamber Orchestra of New York. Conductor: Magnus Mårtensson. Clarinet: Staffan Mårtensson.
Also contains music by Johan Svendsen, Wilhelm Stenhammar, Hugo Alfvén, and Swedish folk songs in arrangement by Staffan Mårtensson. Mindfeel, New York, 2003.
Clarinet Concerto, Op. 30.
Clarinet: Karin Dornbusch. Gävle Symphony Orchestra conducted by Petri Sakari.
Record title: Nordic Clarinet Concertos. Contains also clarinet concertos by Carl Nielsen and Jouni Kaipainen. Caprice, 2005. CAP 21649

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